A tool-supported approach towards water efficiency in manufacturing

by Denis Kurle, Sebastian Thiede and Christoph Herrmann


Many manufacturing companies fail to exploit hidden potentials in optimizing their water operations. This aspect is often shown by unorganized water efficiency effort with sub-optimal results. Against this background, the paper presents a structured approach for systematically improving the water efficiency in manufacturing companies. It comprises the identification and visualization of water related hot-spots subdivided into different respective water flows as well as six different water consuming sectors of a factory. Based on the outcome, the approach further proposes basic principles each represented by promising measures to increase water efficiency which can be assessed individually.

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Name: Denis Kurle
Organization: Sustainable Manufacturing and Life Cycle Engineering Research Group, Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology (IWF), Technische Universität Braunschweig,Langer Kamp 19b,Braunschweig 38106,Germany
Email: d.kurle@iwf.tu-bs.de

2 thoughts on “A tool-supported approach towards water efficiency in manufacturing

  1. You mention that in particular European Countries waste 20-40% of its available freshwater. What is the reason for this (compared to, for example, the U.S.)?

    Also, do you have plans to make these tools available to industry or is industry already involved?

  2. Thank you for your question.

    The percentage number was cited from an EU Water saving potential report. Therefore particularly European Countries have been in the center of attention. However, in general the waste of available freshwater also results from failing to deploy best available techniques in a broader manner.

    Industry is already involved and the tools are currently in the application process and will later be validated. The application is taking place in the automotive industry, but they are not limited to this industry.

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