Modelling of cutting fibrous composite materials

by Fadi Kahwash, Islam Shyha and Alireza Maheri


Using fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) is increasing across many industries. Although FRP are laid-up in the near-net shape, several cutting operations are necessary to meet quality and dimensional requirements. Modelling of cutting is essential to understand the physics of the cutting phenomena and to predict quality and cost of products. This paper aims at reviewing the current practice in modelling of cutting FRP including analytical, numerical, mechanistic and empirical approaches, with emphasis on analytical models of cutting forces and delamination. Processes detailed include orthogonal cutting, drilling, milling and turning. Finally, advances in machining of metal-composite stacks are presented.

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Name: Islam Shyha
Organization: Mechanical and Construction Engineering Department, Northumbria University
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Name: Fadi Kawash
Organization: Faculty of Engineering and Environment, Northumbria University

4 thoughts on “Modelling of cutting fibrous composite materials

  1. In the conclusions, you assert: ”Authors believe that current literature metal cutting modelling might give useful insights into the development of more accurate analytical models of composites cutting. Emerging applications of multi-scale modelling and meshfree methods into machining and fracture problems provide a good opportunity to improve the accuracy of the numerical approach.”

    Can you give some example of the mentioned meshfree methods?

  2. In your paper it is mentioned that limited research was done on turning of fiber reinforced polymers. What are the technical difficulties that limit the research?

  3. It is mentioned that the available orthogonal cutting analytic models discard much of the cutting phenomena of fiber reinforced polymers. Could you please further explain the issues that the orthogonal cutting models don’t take into consideration and that may affect the cutting?

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