Systematic development of mobile AR-applications, special focus on user participation

by Christian Weidig and Jan C. Aurich


A comprehensive, systematic planning method to design mobile Augmented Reality (AR)-applications in the range of production planning is not available. A target driven development process to match mobile AR-applications to the methodical needs of production planners is therefore proposed in this paper. The development process will be presented with special focus on the user integration. The incorporation of production planners, their intrinsic knowledge and engineering methods needs to be considered. Therefore, the paper will introduce how user relevant aspects will be identified and considered during the application development.

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            Paper presenter
Name: Christian Weidig
Organization: Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Production Systems, University of Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Germany

2 thoughts on “Systematic development of mobile AR-applications, special focus on user participation

    1. Thank you for your question.

      The potential industrial application areas are quite broad. I can imagine AR-applications supporting every manufacturing workflow where existing facilities (like existing factories for example) and digital/virtual planning results come together.
      For us factory planning is the core area of our research. Almost every factory planning project is characterized by already existing facilities and constraining physical elements. Whereas planning is often conducted with digital tools. One problem is that for many of the existing facilities no (or only incomplete) digital planning data is available. For these projects the comparison between planning status and reality is crucial, nevertheless. Here mobile AR-applications can close a gap and enable the live-assesment of planning status directly at the physical planning subject itself.
      Moreover I can imagine other existing engineering methods which can benefit from mobile AR-applications. To identify these methods and to sketch the required functionality from engineering point of view is one objective of our approach.

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