An investigation on Nd:YAG laser cutting of Al 6061 T6 alloy sheet

by C. Leone, S. Genna, A. Caggiano, V. Tagliaferri, R. Molitierino


In this research work, laser cutting of 6061-T6 aluminium alloy sheets by means of a 150 W multimode pulsed Nd:YAG laser is investigated. Linear scans using the maximum average power and different cutting directions and pulse durations are executed to measure the maximum cutting speeds. Then, cutting tests are performed by varying beam travel direction, pulse duration and cutting speed. The results show that a 150W multimode pulsed Nd:YAG laser allows to cut 1 mm-thick 6061-T6 sheets with cutting speed up to 700 mm/min, obtaining narrow kerfs (< 200 μm) with a good taper angle (< 5°) and low dross height (about 40 μm).

1-minute pitch

            Paper presenter
Name: Silvio Genna
Organization: Dept. of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Production Engineering, University of Naples Federico II

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  1. It is clear that the HAZ was recommended for future work but would like to know what the expected HAZ size could be? And what is the influence of this on the surface integrity such as micro-hardness?

  2. In the second experimental test series, you have performed the experiments according to a design of experiment methodology. How did you select the control factors for these DOE?

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